Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Blue

how was your day? how do you feel? hopefully this is not a bad day for you. I hope.. :))
Look to the sky, the clouds and the light always accompany us every day. day or night, the sky will always be with clouds and light. :))
Beautiful isn't it? :))

see what I wear today. so convenient for me to be seen as one of the color blue is calming! :)
besides the color pink, I really like the color blue, black, white and other bright colors. I actually don't really like to wear leggings, I prefer to wear skirts, but these leggings from Aglae House (one of my favorite places to shop online) so I gladly to wear it because the material is very comfortable to wear. and a long blue cardigan is also from Aglae House, now is my favorite outerwear! :))

Blue Long Cardi and Blue Stripes Legging by AGLAE House
Black Nerd Glasses, Spiked Necklace, Spiked Bracelet by Veishop Girls

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Selection of Miss Tourism Jambi Province in 2013

This evening I attended at the invitation of Miss Tourism Jambi Province Election 2013 in the Atlantis Convention Centre. because my friend, Dini Pebrina following the election, then I and my friends the other came to give support. although my friend didn't win in the election arena, but that doesn't diminish our happiness that night. because the event a lot of people who really want us to see. it's like, Adjie Notonegoro, he is renowned designers from Indonesia whose design is amazing, there is Jerry Lawata and Camelia, she was the model of Fashion TV, she's very tall and very pretty indeed! <3
them both in the selection of the jury, they were joined by the judges of Jambi too.
festive event, because each judge has the right to ask questions to each finalist Miss Tourism Jambi 2013. the question is really diverse, there are the tourist spots in Jambi city and there are also questions that require them to think hard and finally there are some who might be nervous finalists and they couldn't answer questions from the judges, they were also asked to promote tourist attractions and entertainment that is in Jambi so stout interested local and foreign tourists to come to Jambi.
then, there is my best friend who is also named Nurul Fahranie filled event and a stage with Camelia, the model of Fashion TV. heartening! :)
happy reading my blog on covering this event, hopefully you guys like and enjoy what I write here. Thanks! :)

 me and Emchy! <3

 what i wear tonite! <3

they're a musical group that sang songs Jambi and they're very cool, despite being old! <3
 they're the host of the evening, they bring this event with a very cool and exciting! <3
 they're the judges who will judge and choose whom Miss Tourism Jambi Province in 2013! <3
 they were the finalists of Miss Tourism 2013 category teen. they wear traditional clothes or clothing typical of Jambi, the baju kurung and headdress called tengkuluk!<3
 This is the former mayor of the town of Jambi, Mr. Bambang. he was giving a speech.

This is my best friend, we were friends since they were in kindergarten until now! we have the zodiac are the same and we were like twins because so many equations in us. he was bringing design from Mr. Adjie Notonegoro. very luxurious and amazing! <3
 models that brought the design from renowned designer of Indonesia, Mr. Adjie Notonegoro.
Mr. Adjie Notonegoro and the models. I like most of the appearance of Mr. Adjie Notonegoro tonight is the suit and shoes. very cool! and she was wearing the haircut is also very ideal and make it look younger! <3
 male models wearing clothes design by Mr. Yutan from Jambi. he's one of the designer in Jambi. <3
 Mr. Yutan (center) with male models.

This is a 6 year old girl with a lot of accomplishments that he achieved at a very young age. He often participated in various competitions in Edinburgh and he always won the contest because she is very talented and I think she is very pretty, cute and cool! <3
 very talented models from Jambi with stout proud achievement ever swum! <3
 This is the Dini Pebrina, my friend who was a finalist selection Jambi Miss Tourism 2013.
(she was at the center)
Mr. Adjie Notonegoro read the results announcement of the winner tonight. Let's guess who will be the champion 1, 2, 3 and his favorite? ;)
 (from left to right: finalists Miss Indonesia from Jambi, Camelia (Fashion TV models) and Jerry Lawalata)
This is the winner of Miss Tourism Jambi Province in 2013 teens category. (from left to right champion: favorite, 3, 2, 1) congratulations! <3
This is the winner of Miss Tourism 2013 Jambi adult category. (from left to right: favorite champion, 3, 2, 1) congratulations! <3


and for the finalists who didn't win don't be sad, make this an experience and a lesson for the future. there are many other opportunities that await! <3