Friday, June 7, 2013

Let's Have Fun With Me

awesome day, with awesome weather, with awesome outfit i wear today.
in the afternoon, i gotta have fun with my boyfriend hahaha (ex; like take a photosessions) :D

i love stocking. this stocking i found in my closets. for a few day i'm looking for this stocking and i just found it today! :D
hm, i feel like a rebel girl today hahahaha because this outfit makes me look so warm but still cool. :D
my sweaters color is white, my snapback color is red, my denim short color is maroon (yap, if you look my short and snapback you'll think thats color was same but actually its different), my stocking is black and my shoes color is red mix grey and white and black (ya, thats i called with abstract wedges with knit as a motif, i'll take a details photos of this shoes soon hahaha) and my black round glasses i bought it at one of the Online Store. i love it, its make me looks so cool hahahaha i'm like a John Lennon, right? :D

DC Red Snapback
White Sweaters by Toy Story
Maroon Denim Short
Black Stocking
Abstract Wedges by Cha & Co
Black Round Glasses

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