Monday, August 19, 2013

Minnie & Catty.

I was Minnie, but I also was Catty. I love Minnie, as well as Catty. both cute, very girly.

 I love Minnie because she always stands beside Mickey when joy and sorrow, they're also always together through the day. they're really a cute couple! :)

and why I like Catty, it's because I'm a cat lover. I have a Himalayan cat at home, he was named Jacky. sometimes we also call him Jack. to me, he's the most handsome cat in the world! : D

Minnie Mouse and Pink Catty headband
Nude Chiffon Loose Top
Red Skirt (actually, its so-so-so bigger in my body)
Black Boots Heels by LOVE

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