Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trapped In A Labyrinth.

I really like the style without planning what I'll wear. I just wear clothes that I saw in front of me and then match each other to fit when I worn. I don't have a benchmark in style, I also don't know so much about fashion because I just know to styled according to taste. And i don't like with the people who always comment to the other style as their style was perfect. probably because that's the reason why there's a mirror in the world, to always look in the mirror before talking negative about the others. :)

Denim Tops
Rotweiller Skirt
Blue Socks
Black Boots Heels by LOVE

I really like to take pictures with my friends because it's so fun. we also can share stories, share style if when photographed've run out of style and we also love to share the accessories that fit with what we wear. fun! :)

that's my friends. i was spent everyday with them when we're not busy each others. love my guys, Nasi Basi. hahahahaha! :D

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